Belz Bulletin
Summer, 1999

Table of Contents:

Knox Trucking
Attracted by growth of North Memphis

H.B. Fuller
Capitalizing on economic advantages of North Memphis

S & S Tire
Location fuels success

Hogwild Barbecue
Utilizing location’s advantages to expand business

Belz People

Property Notes

Businesses that locate in the North Memphis Industrial Park generally do so because the location offers an economical and logistical advantage not found in other parts of the Mid-South.

With easy access to I-40, I-55, river, rail and air transport, North Memphis businesses benefit from strategic locations in a growing, rejuvenated business community. Just last year, the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development sparked further renewal in North Memphis when it granted the City of Memphis a $1 million grant and a $4 million loan to transform portions of the North Memphis industrial zone into new business space.

Truly, this is the beginning of North Memphis' rebirth. And there is no better way to learn about the vital changes occurring than from the tenants themselves. Featured in this issue are H.B. Fuller, Knox Trucking, S&S Tire and Hogwild Real Memphis Barbecue – all tenants of North Memphis Industrial Park.

About the Belz Bulletin
The Belz Bulletin is a newsletter designed for businesses and employees associated with Belz Enterprises' North Memphis Industrial Park. Please contact John Dozier, asset manager, at 762-7316 with suggested news items or profiles for future issues.

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