The Belz Report, Spring 2000
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Belz Announces 1999 Employees of the Year

Seven employees representing more than 100 years of service with Belz Enterprises have been recognized for their outstanding work.

“Belz is fortunate to have such productive, loyal and committed employees,” says Andrew J. Groveman, senior vice president of Belz Enterprises. “Their contributions and dedication are what makes this company a success.”

Overall Employee of the Year:
Garland Crawford, vice president of property maintenance, was awarded the 1999 Overall Employee of the Year. Garland’s association with Belz Enterprises started with his father, who began working for Belz in 1953. With the exception of serving three years in the Army, Garland’s career spans 33 years, all of which have been spent with Belz. He has gone from draftsman to construction project manager to supervisor of construction and property maintenance. With the massive growth of Belz Enterprises, Garland’s success escalated leading to his current position of nearly 14 years.

Other 1999 Belz Employees of the Year include:
Employee of the Year for the Corporate Division was awarded to Judy Anderson Wesley. As the executive administrative assistant to Chairman and CEO Jack Belz, Judy is responsible for “whatever Mr. Belz throws my way.” Judy joined Belz Enterprises in June 1968. She says the opportunity to interact with all departments and to deal with a variety of issues is what she has enjoyed the most during her 31 years at Belz.

Richard Vantassell is the Asset Management Division’s 1999 Employee of the Year. Retired from the United States Marine Corp, Richard began his second career in 1986 when he joined Belz Enterprises.As landscape manager, Richard is responsible for the outside maintenance of all Belz properties.

Tom Hughes, field superintendent, was named 1999 Employee of the Year for the Construction/Architecture Division. Tom began his career with Belz Enterprises more than eight years ago, thanks, in part to his father-in-law and brother-in-law, who were both employees at the time. As field superintendent, Tom is responsible for clearing land for building pads in order to develop the site for construction.

Ronna McRae, personnel specialist, is the Employee of the Year for the Financial Services Division. Ronna brings 14 years of experience in payroll to Belz Enterprises. Since joining the company in 1993, she has handled payroll for the Belz corporate office, Belz Factory Outlet Malls and Metro Industrial Park.

Joseph “Ed” Woods, assistant director of leasing, is the Brokerage/Leasing Division’s Employee of the Year. With Belz Enterprises for almost five years, Ed is responsible for all renewals in the Belz Factory Outlet World portfolio, as well as, developing and maintaining relationships with new and existing tenants for the outlet malls. Being familiar with Belz as a tenant, he was excited to join the other side saying, “After years of being pursued as a tenant, I am now doing the pursuing.”

Carol Ashter was named Employee of the Year for the Peabody Hotel Group. As corporate director of purchasing, Carol is responsible for the capital purchases and refurbishment projects of the Peabody Hotel Group. A part of the Belz family for more than two years, Carol says what she enjoys most about her job is being able to see the results of her purchases. “I enjoy the variety of products I am involved with, which is everything you see in a hotel from the linens, bathroom amenities and food to the furnishings,” she stated.

Photos (from top to bottom):

  1. Overall Employee of the Year Garland Crawford
  2. Other Employees of the Year; Seated left to right: Carol Ashter, Judy Wesley;Standing left to right: Richard Vantassell, Ed Woods, Ronna McRae, Tom Hughes

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