The Belz Report, Spring 2000
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Leasing Staff is Key to Belz's Success

Throughout the years, Belz Enterprises has developed a solid reputation across the industry for building highly visible and successful retail establishments. Whether it is a brand new entertainment/retail center or a new lease at one of the company's seven outlet malls nationwide, Belz can credit its success to two groups of people – the leasing agents in the Brokerage and Leasing Division and the staff at Belz's Factory Outlet Division.

This comes as no surprise to Andrew J. Groveman, senior vice president of Belz Enterprises. "Our reputation and business depends upon the personal relationships our people develop with executives across the country," says Groveman. "All of our leasing agents have the knowledge and experience to develop strong, lasting partnerships."

Brokerage and Leasing Division

Morris Thomas, vice president of brokerage and leasing, attributes his retail division's success to a veteran staff that knows the virtue of putting in a hard day's work. His team of leasing agents manages more than 40 properties nationwide, totaling more than 5.6 million square feet of space.

"The biggest challenge is to find the right space for each prospective client," said Thomas. "While looking at different properties, the agents consider whether the prospect can afford the space, as well as if the business is the 'right fit' for the property."

The retail team, made up of Gil Ryan, and Adam Slovis is responsible for handling each prospective client – from the first phone call to execution of the lease. For build-to-suit projects, the agents are also responsible for consulting with the construction and architecture divisions.

"We take pride in the hands-on approach our team uses when dealing with our customers," said Morris. "Our goal is to meet all of our clients needs throughout the entire leasing process."

As a result of the division's hands-on attitude, Belz's high standards of quality are consistently enforced, and customers are assured that the leasing process will run smoothly.

Belz Factory Outlet Division

Outlet malls not only draw from local populations but are also fast becoming a major tourist attraction for U.S travelers.

"We are most fortunate to be able to have our factory outlet malls located in top tourist locations that have proven to be magnets for local and regional populations as well," said Groveman.

There are two factors involved in successfully drawing customers to outlet malls good products and a great site. While geography, visibility and accessibility encourage attendance, the major draw is the quality of the stores.

"We consistently deliver a total shopping experience to consumers," said Groveman. "We have in our portfolio highly recognizable brand name and designer manufacturers as well as a diverse mix of food and entertainment attractions."

John Ellis, vice president of leasing for Belz's Factory Outlet Division, believes a major part of its success in attracting high-profile retailers stems from existing business. "Close to 70 percent of the tenants we lease to in a new mall are already signed with us at another location," said Ellis. "The best source of new business is existing business."

The seasoned staff in the factory outlet leasing division includes leasing agents Ron Simkin, director of leasing, and leasing agents Jay Tillman and Ed Woods. Together, the team is responsible for coordinating the development and leasing of six outlet malls in the continental United States and the recently-opened, 340,000-square-foot Belz Factory Outlet World in Puerto Rico.

Photos (top to bottom):

  1. Brokerage and Leasing Division Agent – (center) Morris Thomas, vice president; (seated) Gil Ryan and Adam Slovis.

  2. Belz Factory Outlet Mall Leasing Division – (back) John Ellis, vice president, Ron Simkin, director of leasing (front) Jay Tillman and Ed Woods.

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