The Belz Report, Spring 2000
2003, Volume 1PAGE 7

Irvin Skopp Receives RPA Professional Designation

Irvin Skopp, vice president/director of Asset Management for Belz Enterprises, has received his Real Property Administrator (RPA) professional designation from the BOMI Institute, a non-profit organization that provides comprehensive continuing education in the complex issues involved in the operation and maintenance of building systems.

The RPA designation indicates that the recipient has completed a program of in-depth courses dealing with the ownership, management and operation of major office and commercial buildings. Courses provide in-depth coverage of building systems, life cycle costing, energy management and the environment, insurance and legal issues, finance and asset management.
In addition to his RPA designation, Irvin has earned the professional accreditation of Certified Shopping Center Manager (CSM) from the International Council of Shopping Centers and a Certified Property Manager® (CPM®) from the Institute of Real Estate Management.

Irvin has worked for Belz Enterprises since he graduated from college 28 years ago. Currently, he is the director of the Asset Management Division. This division is responsible for the property management for all retail, industrial and office properties. Irvin has been a vice president since 1983 and has been a member of the Executive Committee since its inception.

"When I began working for Belz, it was in a temporary capacity while I looked around for other jobs during my last year of college," said Skopp. "But I was, and still am, impressed by the environment and work ethic I experienced. I am continuously being encouraged to learn and grow. Belz has been home to me ever since."

In order to gain his RPA designation, Irvin had to complete six mandatory courses, a one-day Ethics is Good Business® ShortCourse, and one elective course.

All candidates for the RPA must demonstrate three years of verifiable property management experience for a portfolio or a building that is at least 40,000 square feet.

"We are extremely proud of Irvin’s accomplishment," said Ron Belz, co-president, Belz Enterprises. "He has worked very hard in order to receive the distinction of RPA, and his success clearly illustrates the kind of dedication and loyalty he has towards his career."

Irvin’s professional affiliations include serving on the executive committee of the local Building Owners & Managers Association, and he is the president-elect for the local chapter of the Institute of Real Estate Management, an affiliate of the National Association of Realtors. Irvin is currently on the regional board of the Jewish Children Regional Service and of the Baron Hirsch Congregation.

"We encourage all of our employees to continually grow their knowledge and seek to improve their job skills in order to better serve our customers," said Belz. "Irvin is a shining example of how far someone can go if they have the drive and dedication to succeed."


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