The Belz Report, Spring 2000
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New Façade at Belz Factory Outlet World-Orlando Designed to Attract I-4 Drivers
New Silhouette, Gateway, Towers and Lighted Signage Increase Mall’s Visual Appeal

The Orlando retail scene is constantly evolving and Belz Factory Outlet World– Orlando has stepped up with a change of face. The established factory outlet retail property completed a major façade renovation project in December 2002. The renovation was designed to enhance visibility and
tenant signage along Interstate 4 and the
Florida Turnpike.

Interstate traffic along I-4 is significant, with an estimated 160,000 vehicles passing Belz Factory Outlet World-Orlando each day. In order to make maximum use of the mall’s exposure to interstate traffic, Belz Enterprises decided to renovate more than 1,700 feet of store frontage along Malls I and II.

The main focus of the renovation was to increase Belz Factory Outlet World–Orlando’s visual interest in order to attract the attention of interstate drivers. The project’s designers employed eye-catching primary colors, interesting shapes and visual rhythm to achieve a striking façade. The façade elements are proportioned to "vehicular scale," the size necessary to catch the attention of a driver passing the mall at an average speed of 55 miles per hour.

In addition, two sixty-foot towers will be erected to anchor the ends of the new Mall 1 façade, attracting notice from an even greater distance.

Signage at Belz Factory Outlet World– Orlando also has received a makeover. New lighting combined with bright colors
provides an attractive "glow" to the façade panels. The new façade and entry signage also offer mall tenants the benefit of these luminous effects. The lighting of the façade’s signage has been carefully measured to
provide contrast between the front panels and tenant signage.

A new main identification sign was constructed at the intersection of International Drive and Oak Ridge Road. Drivers pass through the identity feature and into the mall property. This entranceway creates a commanding presence at the high-traffic intersection, providing additional signage opportunities for mall tenants.

"The façade renovations of Belz Factory Outlet World–Orlando are positive steps toward the continued success of this established outlet property," said Andrew J. Groveman, president, Belz Factory Outlet Division. "This visually appealing design offers an attractive new silhouette, radiant signage, striking towers and a gateway that lets shoppers know they have arrived. All of these elements build the mall’s presence in Orlando’s dynamic retail market."

Together, Belz Factory Outlet World–Orlando and its neighboring property, Belz Designer Outlet Centre, house more than 200 name brand outlets. Brands include Calvin Klein, Birkenstock, Casio, Haggar, Kenneth Cole, Guess, OFF 5th Saks Fifth Avenue Outlet, Lenox Factory Outlet, Levi’s Outlet by Design, Springmaid-Wamsutta, Dexter Shoes, adidas, Vans and many others.

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