The Belz Report, Spring 2000
2003, Volume 1PAGE 5

Strong Relationships Key to Asset Managementís Success

Lasting relationships are the foundation of Belz Enterprises' approach to property management operations. The asset management team is responsible for a wide range of tasks, including renewing tenant leases, billing, and collections, as well as helping tenants position their stores.

The department’s 116 employees manage more than 300 buildings located in half a dozen states.

Every tenant matters to the asset management staff, with a focus on growing mutually profitable relationships that ensure tenant and customer needs are met. The department keeps property operations running smoothly and professionally.

That special, relationship-based focus has extended to operations outside the Mid-South to include some of the nation’s most successful outlet malls and shopping centers, as well as office and industrial properties.

Irvin Skopp, vice president of asset management, attributes the department’s success to the diverse roles the employees play. With 23 million square feet of space to oversee, each member of the team must be able to quickly shift focus. While the Las Vegas outlet mall may require the expertise of property tax appeal today, Gateway Industrial Park in Memphis may need the skills of Belz’s maintenance staff tomorrow.

Retail asset managers Tammy Bijit, Barbara Morley and Ron Suzore work directly with tenants and oversee shopping center managers across the country. Among these developments are the Peabody Place Entertainment and Retail Center in Memphis, Festival Bay at International Drive in Orlando, and Belz Factory Outlet World–Puerto Rico.

The office and industrial management staff includes John Bartlett, John Dozier and Jay Snow. Primarily located in the Memphis area, Belz office and industrial properties are home to some of the area’s best-known businesses, including Methodist Hospitals, FedEx and Technicolor.

A small army of skilled technicians services more than 2,000 tenants' maintenance needs. Lead by Garland Crawford, assistant vice president, the team includes dozens of building engineers and landscaping professionals.

While taxes are among everybody's least favorite expenses, Clint Gray closely reviews real estate taxes for Belz tenants. Mike O'Banion and his team keep the billing process manageable, while Robert Jones and the credit department efficiently handle the rent collection process.

Gwen Flaniken, real estate analyst for Belz, keeps the entire operation in focus. Assisting everyone is a team of support staff that no other real estate company in the country can match.


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