The Belz Report, Spring 2000
2003, Volume 1PAGE 6

Ron Belz Chosen as Outstanding Fundraiser

Ronald A. Belz, who headed the United Way of the Mid-South campaign for 2001-2002, was named Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser by the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis. Ron, co-president of the numerous affiliated companies of Belz Enterprises, spearheaded the effort to raise a record $22.4 million, despite the events on September 11, 2001 that hindered many fund-raising efforts across the country.

In addition to his efforts with the United Way of the Mid-South, Ron is active with the Memphis Jewish Community Center, Memphis Jewish Federation, LeBonheur Children’s Hospital Foundation, Memphis Jewish Home for the Aged, Memphis Area Homebuilders Association, Memphis Regional Chamber of Commerce, Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Jewish Community Centers of North America, and Memphis Humane Society.

"Ron led our fund-raising efforts last year with tireless work, practical wisdom and intelligence," said Dave Skorupa, vice president of communications, United Way of the Mid-South. "His personal involvement kept our volunteers and staff dedicated to the task of raising the necessary resources to help our neighbors, friends and family members who have critical needs.”

"A solid foundation is needed to construct a building, and it’s definitely necessary in developing a community. United Way of the Mid-South is a solid foundation for our community," said Belz. "The way this organization stands as a cornerstone for the Mid-South and the impact it has on people’s lives are the reasons I agreed to be the General Campaign Chairman for the 2001 fundraising drive. Because of the generosity of thousands of donors, our coworkers, neighbors, friends and family will benefit from the positive impact United Way of the Mid-South has on our community. Remember, it takes all of us to build a community,"

Belz Employees Step to the Plate

In honor of Ron’s great accomplishments during the last fundraiser, employees of Belz Enterprises stepped up their contributions for this year under the theme "Continuing to Care." His associates were so inspired that they improved on last year’s record results to raise $47,173 in contributions. The corporate gift rose to $80,000. Leadership Givers, those who contribute $500 or more, numbered 42, contributing 68 percent of the company’s employee gifts.

Belz Enterprises’ campaign manager, Lucie Anderson, arranged tours of United Way member agencies and visits by speakers who shared success stories of how donor dollars are making a successful impact in the community.

The team offered numerous incentives to raise awareness, including Grizzlies tickets, a spa visit, an overnight stay in The Peabody Hotel, and even breakfast and lunch buffets for a donation.


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