The Belz Report, Summer 1997

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World Wide Web Site Helps
Give Belz to the World

The enormous scope of Belz Enterprises’ holdings is just a click away in cyberspace.

A new, user-friendly web site ( introduces the cybersurfer to the Belz home page with point and click links to industrial, warehouse, retail and office space. Links to apartments, hotels and undeveloped land bring the world of Belz to the World Wide Web. With a click of the mouse, the Belz corporate headquarters, Peabody Place, factory outlet malls and Belz news in the form of press releases is easily accessible.

The Belz slogan “Any space. Any place.” is demonstrated with the variety of information on Belz properties readily available on the web site.

Peabody Place—the cultural, historical, shopping and entertainment center of Downtown Memphis—sports a dynamic artist’s rendering of the seven-block “city within a city.” News of forthcoming additions to the complex lends excitement.

The Peabody Hotel in Memphis and The Peabody Hotel in Orlando are hyper-linked to the site and specifics of the properties’ amenities are outlined. Want to learn the legend or see a picture of the famous Peabody ducks? It’s all there with photos of guest rooms, dining information and area attractions and maps.

Another map displays the variety of Belz apartments available to the Memphis resident. Twenty residential complexes are outlined with links to Pembroke Square and Gayoso House Apartments. The cybersurfer has only to point and click and floor plans and area maps are available to prospective residents. Full-color photographs help demonstrate the variety of choices available within the Belz family of properties.

In the market for retail real estate? Just select a property from the map and color photographs coupled with market specifics for each venue are splashed across the computer screen. Median income, number of residents and amount of traffic adjacent to each retail outlet are important considerations when considering a new business address—and delivers the information at the touch of a button.

The Factory Outlet link lists locations, stores and maps of the Belz collection of outlet malls. A potential tourist to Las Vegas, Orlando, Pigeon Forge or Memphis is able to learn about mall special events and promotions, area attractions, popular tourist destinations and preferred hotels close to the outlet malls.

A link to Belz malls under development provides the cybersurfer with information to help decide the real destination of a future trip.

A map outlining the parcels of undeveloped land, another map showing indus-trial sites and still another map showing the warehouse space available all assist manufacturers and business people to make important location decisions.

To humanize the web site, a hyper-link to e-mail and a personal reply to a request have been added.

A personal touch, a wealth of information and easy access all combine to give the new and improved the look of the future.


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