The Belz Report, Spring 1999

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Belz People

Adam Slovis is a retail leasing representative, and is responsible for leasing all retail centers in the Memphis area as well as general brokerage services that come his way.

Adam earned a psychology degree from the University of Maryland at College Park in 1991, and has a diversified career history to date. He has served as an account representative with International Paper and Naegele Outdoor Advertising, and just prior to joining Belz, he was marketing director for National Security and Trust Company, Vital Records Control, Inc.

Adam has been with Belz since January 1998 and enjoys consulting with clients on the best possible space for their business.

“If the deal isn’t right for my client, I’ll kill it in a second,” Adam said. “My job is to look out for the client’s interests, and if they aren’t being met, I move to the next option.”

In his spare time, Adam enjoys spending time with his wife Amy, and his 2-year-old son, Elliot. Adam also is the creator of a trademark
cartoon character named Ponder. Ponder’s motto is “Be Yourself, Think Positive and Always Ponder!” Plans are underway for Ponder to make his animation debut this fall on a locally-produced children’s show.

   Carolyn Bradshaw has worked for Belz since 1977 and currently serves as marketing coordinator for the Intermark Communications Group. In her 21 years with Belz, Carolyn has done it all. After starting her Belz career as a receptionist, Carolyn moved into the Construction/Maintenance Group and then moved into Human Resources and Risk Management.

As marketing coordinator, Carolyn is heavily involved with media buying and works closely with Archer Malmo Advertising, Factory Outlet Malls, as well as all other divisions of Belz in buying and coordinating creative production. In 1999, Carolyn will assume outdoor and signage responsibilities.

“I truly enjoy the friendships I have developed over the years,” Carolyn said. “I have been fortunate enough to be able to interact with a variety of departments and the knowledge I have gained is invaluable.”

Husband Phil also is a long-time employee of Belz Enterprises, working for the company since 1981. When not at Belz, Carolyn and Phil enjoy spending time with their daughters Ashley, 13, and Lindsay, 9. Carolyn and her family are active in their church and enjoy boating near their hometown of Covington, Tennessee.


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