The Belz Report, Summer 1999

1999, Volume 2PAGE 6

Retail Opportunities Abound within Belz Enterprises’ Brokerage and Leasing Division
With both the real estate and stock markets on a roll, it's not surprising that the brokerage and leasing agents at Belz Enterprises leased more than 2.08 million square feet and averaged a lease transaction every 2.5 days in 1998. In total, Belz Enterprises' brokerage and leasing department accounted for the sale and leasing of more than 18 million square feet of industrial, office and retail space last year.

Morris Thomas, vice president of brokerage and leasing, attributes his division's steady success to a combination of market conditions, talent and good old-fashioned hard work.

"The biggest challenge for the division is to find the right space for each prospective client,” Thomas said. “While looking at different properties, the agents consider whether the prospect can afford the space, and whether the business is the 'right fit' within the property. In addition to considering the type of retailers, location and demographics of a project, the department looks to create opportunities driven by shopping patterns."

The retail team is comprised of Gil Ryan, Stan Myers, Adam Slovis, Martha Stewart, Laurie Fowler, Patricia Mosley and Jennifer Kennedy. Ryan, Slovis and Myers serve as the retail leasing agents responsible for handling each prospective client from the first phone call to execution of the lease, working closely with each prospect to provide useful information. In addition, Thomas and the agents consult with the construction and architecture divisions to ensure the highest quality construction with all build-to-suit projects.

"What sets us apart from our competitors is our hands-on approach to each project," Thomas said. "While some companies do a disappearing act after a lease is signed, we walk the client through the entire process – from inception to completion.

"We also place particular emphasis on meeting the client's needs, and will work with them to fulfill any special requests they may have."

To ensure that Belz's standards of quality are consistently enforced, the leasing and brokerage division meets once a week to review each new prospect and development. This meeting provides each person in the division a forum to express views on new and existing developments, as well as the marketability of projects. This knowledge is invaluable to Thomas and to the Belz Executive Management Committee in determining the value and appropriateness of properties the company is considering purchasing and developing. In addition to this meeting, Thomas works daily with Andrea Bienstock and the legal department of Belz Enterprises to ensure a timely response to lease negotiations. With this winning strategy, Belz's Brokerage and Leasing Division is sure to match the right tenant to the best property every time.

Retail Brokerage and Leasing staff: Top left to right: Stan Myers, Patricia Mosley, Jennifer Kennedy, Adam Slovis. Bottom left to right: Morris Thomas, Martha Stewart and Gil Ryan. Not pictured: Laurie Fowler

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